The New Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses

Is The Ray Ban RB2132 Really Worth It?

Ray Ban RB2132 SunglassesBefore you make any decision on the Ray Ban RB2132, take time to read this article to learn more about the “new” Wayfarer and where to get a pair at the lowest price.

To be honest with you, I don’t really know that much when it comes to sunglasses. I became familiar with the Wayfarer because my friend was wearing it one time when we were rehearsing. We were discussing about the sunglasses and I learned that there was a lot more to the Ray Ban RB2132. I love to write about different topics and I was interested in writing about the Ray Ban Wayfarer. That’s why I decided to set up this site so I can give you the best possible information with regards to these sunglasses.

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What’s So Special With The Ray Ban RB2132?

We all know that Ray Ban is one of of the leading brands when it comes to sunglasses. For many years, they have created a lot of models but one of the most popular is the Ray Ban RB2132. Many years ago, the Wayfarer design was worn by a lot of Hollywood celebrities. Even up until now, they still continue to enjoy the classic design. They can be worn by pretty much everyone and you will definitely look good on it. The New Wayfarer gives an update to the iconic shape with a bit smaller, more rounded contour. The final result is a traditional look that still carries the throw-back style. Additionally, you can choose from a lot of different colors and options.

Consider The Size Of Your Wayfarer

If you’re thinking about buying the Ray Ban RB2132, you already have an idea of how huge the cultural impact it made as it’s being worn by everyone from celebrities to musicians. But before everything else, you have to pay special attention when it comes to the size and fit. The “New” Wayfarer is now smaller than the old design and it’s also a bit more modern in the sense that it doesn’t dominate your face as the previous design does.

Two Sizes For Ray Ban RB2132

The Ray Ban RB2132 comes in two sizes, 52mm and 55mm. According to some of the individuals, the 52mm is way too small and it’s mostly ideal for females and even small children. But every individual is different as there are averaged sized guys who said that the 52mm is a perfect fit for them. You might probably find that the smaller 52mm has a better fit on a thinner face and they kind of blend in more than stand out. On the other hand, the 55mm is the average size for majority of the people. I’ve read some comments where they’ve returned the smaller frame in exchange for the larger one (55mm) because they thought that the 52mm is going to be okay. Overall, the advise that the 55mm is for guys and the 52mm is for girls is not really a reliable solution for getting the right fit.

A good advice that we recommend is to go to your retail outlet to try out the two sizes (52mm and 55mm). Once you find the perfect fit for your face, go shopping for your Ray Ban RB2132 online because the prices in your local retail store will probably be a lot more expensive. As you might have probably known, the best place where you can get a pair at a very low price is over at

Make Sure Your Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Is Authentic!

How can you tell if your Ray Ban is authentic or not? Part of my mission in starting this website is to make sure that you get the real thing. First, it’s already been proven that the Ray Ban RB2132 over at are all authentic (you can easily check out the testimonials). It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to buy at but be extra careful when getting your sunglasses on other untrusted sites.

I found a really good video that would educate you on how to spot an authentic Ray Ban Wayfarer. The specific model in the video is the old design (RB2140) but you can easily apply the information with your Ray Ban RB2132. The video is over 5 minutes and if you have the time, I do advise that you watch the entire video.

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized

Polarized lenses will significantly decrease the strain in your eyes. There are also people who cannot imagine spending over a hundred bucks for non-polarized lenses. But take note that you will experience some slight distortions when viewing LCD screens with polarized lenses (the visibility is still okay when using your cellphones and laptops).

Helpful Tips In Maintaining Your Ray Ban RB2132

When you are not wearing your Wayfarer, it’s important that you do not keep it in your back pocket, car seat and any area that will compromise it. Like any other sunglasses, it will get some dirt and smudges. You want to properly clean your Ray Ban RB2132 by using a micro fiber cloth. But before you do that, make sure that there is no solid debris on the surface of the lens because you might actually scratch the lens when cleaning it. When it comes to storing, it’s always good to keep your Ray Ban RB2132 in its case. However, if you live in an area where humidity is high, put in a silica gel pack inside the case to keep the moisture out. Doing this will help to eliminate any fungus from surfacing. Frequently check the gel pack and do not get rid of it when the gel loses its color. What you want to do is just dry it out in the sun for a few hours and just use it again.

The Cons

The number one issue that a lot of people seem to have when it comes to getting the New Ray Ban RB2132 is the price. But when you really think about it, this is more of an investment that will last for many years. Like we’ve said, you’ll get an expensive price if you go over to your local retail store because of the added expenses. But if you go over to, you’ll save a lot of money because of the discount price for the Ray Ban RB2132.

Where to Get Ray Ban RB2132 at Lowest Price?

Right now everyone is taking advantage of the lowest price that’s being offered over at Additionally, you can feel confident that your Ray Ban RB2132 is 100% authentic.

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Is Your Ray Ban RB2132 Authentic?

Make Sure Your Ray Ban RB2132 Is The Real Deal

It may not come as a surprise to you that even a Ray Ban RB2132 could be faked or imitated. Counterfeit stuff from money to bags, even perfume and the more popular styles and brands of sunglasses already proliferate our markets. You don’t have to worry over getting a Ray Ban RB2132 replica instead of the real deal for your hard earned cash if you know how to tell which one is authentic and therefore really worth your money.

The existence of online retail stores sure made shopping easy and readily accessible wherever you may be as long as you are connected to the internet. You will be directed to a lot of online stores once you search for a site to purchase your own Ray Ban RB2132. The convenience that this option provides for a consumer is without a doubt heaven sent but it doesn’t come with its own set backs.

You must be equipped with the right and truthful information about a specific product before you make a purchase and whether it may be at a physical or online store. The same rule goes even if it is just a pair of sunglasses like the much coveted Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer that you are after. It is always the safest choice to get your pair of shades on the actual Ray Ban online shop or branch nearest you but it is also not the cheapest and you will find them almost always at the regular price which is quite expensive for the regular folk.

How To Tell If Your Ray Ban RB2132 Is Authentic

How can anyone tell an authentic Ray Ban RB2132 from a fake one? It may not be as easy as one would think since counterfeit producers are probably getting smarter every minute. The good news is that low cost materials and production would not ever be able to keep up and compare with its high end and quality made counterpart from the authentic Ray Ban RB2132.

The look and feel of any authentic product is usually evident to be classy and of a high grade quality but this alone may not be a basis enough for a consumer who might be buying for the first time. Any person could be misled to thinking that what they have gotten is the real deal.

Get It From Trusted Sources

Getting your Ray Ban RB2132 from a trusted source like will save you a lot of money. This also gives you the assurance that it is an original product. Although be on guard for other sellers that are within and check for their profiles and feedbacks from those who have already purchased from them to ensure a quality online shopping experience for you.

There are a lot of popular ways on how a person will be able to tell the difference between an authentic Ray Ban RB2132 and any other style from one that is not. The usual trick would be to look for the serial number on the frame and if you find the Ray Ban logo at the top of the lens. However, all these indications are still very much common and can also be found on fake Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Your Ray Ban RB2132 Should Tilt Slightly Inwards

There are a couple of key indicators that really prove useful for you to be able to tell if what you’re about to buy or what you already possess is a real Ray Ban RB2132. One is the shades’ tilt when you hold it parallel to a level surface. You must clearly see that the front of the shades is leaning slightly inwards. If what you have is otherwise then it’s a tell tale sign that it could be fake. This is actually the most evident difference between real and fake ones.

The Ray Ban Logo

Of course having the easily recognizable logo on your Ray Ban RB2132 should tell you that it must be the real thing right? Well, not really if the logo on the side of the temple of the sunglasses appears to have been glued on instead of actually being a part of the temple material. It shouldn’t also protrude more than one-fourth of a centimeter from the surface unlike with a copycat version where it is almost screaming the brand.

Model Number Reference

You should also be able to find the full reference of information about your Ray Ban RB2132 on the inner temple of the shades’ frame. It should include the model number which should always start with an RB mark followed by the four digit model number which in this case is 2132. When the sunglasses’ actual model code and inscription on the inside temple doesn’t match, then what you have in your hands is a sure Ray Ban RB2132 counterfeit.

A Price That’s Too Good To Be True

Every consumer would indeed very much like to earn savings and discounts with every purchase, but you should still be cautious if the deal you are given is quite unbelievable especially if it involves high end and authentic products like the Ray Ban RB2132. A sizeable amount of discount should have you looking the other way unless you are buying from trusted sites like wherein a great deal of savings abound in most products that they carry. A logical amount of savings should be your internal gauge as well when buying your Ray Ban RB2132. It is quite ridiculous if you are buying more than 70 percent off from the original price of a pair of a Ray Ban RB2132, doesn’t it? It just doesn’t make sense if the retail price of a product is less than the actual cost of making them.

Keep in mind that authentic and branded products, may it be in the field of home appliances, mobile gadgets or fashion are priced more than other regular items for a reason. It is not like they just decided to slap an expensive price tag on a Ray Ban RB2132. You will surely be getting a pair of shades that is worth your money, one that will last you for a long time and has spanned a couple of generations and continues to endure as a fashionable and useful accessory for men and women alike.

Hopefully you’ve learned some valuable tips from this article on how to spot a counterfeit Ray Ban Wayfarer. Now if you’re thinking that there’s no place that provides you the best price of the Ray Ban RB2132 then think again.

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